We are pleased to present Johney Buster, hailed from Jamaica. Many people within the music industry are saying that Johney is one of the new sensations coming out of Jamaica. With the new released debut single, “Don’t Drink & Drive”, this talented artist is a trendsetter and is about to take his rightful place among the legends of the reggae world. He has been working diligently anticipating the release of his debut single.

After reviewing the single and realizing the reality of the lyrics, combined with Johney’s silky voice, and sweet harmony performed by female vocalists, along with the great reggae rhythm, you would realize that Johney’s artistry is about to be established on the international scene.



Right Step:

Winston Grennan’s approach to rhythm helped inaugurate the slow groove of Jamaican rock-steady in the mid-1960s, when he was the leading drummer in the island's top session bands. He continued to back every noteworthy artist in Jamaica, in the early reggae period, including Bob Marley, and trained a number of other notable drummers before leaving the island in 1972. Since then he has pursued a more diverse career in the U.S. that has included stints with Paul Simon and Dizzy Gillespie.

In his native Jamaica, Winston Grennan holds legendary status, though his long absence from Kingston's recording scene has meant he does not always get a mention. But as a premier exponent of the rock-steady idiom and creator of the one-drop beat, Grennan is among Jamaica's original master drummers, one who has created a unique playing style and made important contributions to the island's popular music.

"Winston, our love is with you. You will always be in our hearts and in our minds."

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