The Scoldees are Nancy Sirianni, Jack Hoffmann, John Collis, and Ted Rydzewski. They are a band of long time buds who keep getting themselves into trouble by having way too much fun. For singer/songwriters Sirianni & Hoffmann, who experienced popularity with the Long Island trio, All Folked Up (Of which Rydzewski was a member for a period of time), and some minor national success with their self released Big Orange Marble CD, the Scoldees represent a musical asylum, a coming home, and God knows that's where they belong.

With a large repertoire from many prolific years together and added songwriting collaboration with JC, Sirianni & Hoffmann have found the perfect environment for their earthy blend of vocals. The sound is a fusion of rich harmonies and fat guitars, Old World percussion and some unusual rhythmic expressions, a distinct musical style that might best be called.

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