If you are looking for an excellent investment opportunity, you have found the perfect company.

What became Niki Records started over ten years ago as a simple rehearsal studio for local bands, called New Prospect Studio. Being owned and operated by musicians we quickly realized that our customers were also looking for quality and reasonably priced recording services. New Prospect Recording Studio quickly filled that need becoming a great success warranting several expansions, in a short period of time. Today, New Prospect Recording Studio continues to produce high quality recordings at a reasonable price for in house and outside projects.

With the bands recording in the studio repeatedly asking for assistance in getting their product to the people. The next step was obvious. The owner of the studio being a well respected musician in the industry quickly sold enough shares to form Niki Records Inc. Over the next several years to date, Niki Records Inc. has consistently charted new acts alongside the majors. This is done with a limited budget but is successful do to a small team of highly motivated and skilled staff.

As an investor you are aware of the working capital needed to properly promote the breaking of a new act. The talent required to do so is already in place here at Niki Records. From the scouting of talent to the booking of acts at large festivals, to the adding of spins at radio stations, we do it all! What is needed now is not only the small investor whom we love for bringing us to this point but the large investor willing to be with us when we become a major independent. The question is not will it happen? The question is when?